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    Let’s define toghether some key sentences or keywords!

    Lumat Project Cover

    Dear partners,
    we are quite in a hurry to complete the photocontest announcement. It must be launched within 2 weeks!
    As we explained in Ljubljana, the object of competition will be to translate in images some of the key words/sentences of LUMAT project.
    I kindly ask your contribution/suggestion to add or cut some proposed words.
    Please note that we would like to reach the larger public as possible. Thus, words should be as understandable and inspiring as possible, also for non-technical people.

    Here key sentences we identified and some kind of definition:

      • Brownfield redevelopement
      • Functional Urban Areas (FUAs): The functional territorial units defined on:

      a)  natural ties of interdependences between core city and municipalities in the peri-urban areas and/or
      b) horizontal cooperation between core city and municipalities in the peri-urban area with practical implementation of multilevel governance principle in the decision making (e.g. division of responsibilities based on efficiency and optimisation of problem solving level).

      • Cooperation in land management for more livable places
        FUAs’environment management is aimed at developing processes in the FUAs to improve human well-being. “Development” is not necessary quantitative growth, but a concept mainly connected with the improvement of the quality of life in the FUAs.
      • Integrated environmental management
        The LUMAT Project focuses on the concept of sustainable environment management with the stress on cohesion of environmental, social and economic aspects.
      • Urban-periurban relationship


    • We have to promote LUMAT through Photocontest and LUMAT compendium, then , please, suggest some specific word or sentence which could help the dissemination of LUMAT project!
    Elena Masala
    Elena Masala

    Hi dear!

    what is your opinion on that?
    Please, let’s know if you agree or have better ideas!

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