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    Marta Fudala

    Trainings in Poland took places on 6th and 7th June at IETU premises.
    1st day was dedicated to Ecosystem services and InVito tool. Ecosystem services had a part of introductory session, then discussion. At the end of the session participants tried to redefined Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Second session was dedicated to InVito Tool. After short introduction participants were divided into 3 groups (Chorzów, Ruda Śląska, Świętochłowice). Participants have been asked to bring their own laptops with themselves. Before, together with SiTI, we had created new projects for participants and Joachim prepared .json table for each group, with appropriate data. During trainings participants, were creating their own project, step by step according to Joachim’s instructions.
    2nd day was dedicated to FUA identity and conflict reductions. Justyna adapted the presentation to the local needs. Participants were working on Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia as FUA.
    Presentations and photos are available on IETU’s website (in Polish language):

    Szkolenie w zakresie zintegrowanego zarządzania środowiskiem w odniesieniu do przestrzeni w miejskich obszarach funkcjonalnych – LUMAT

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