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    Elena Masala
    Elena Masala

    The best way to organize files that need to be weighted, is provide them with two specific fields:

    1- “TYPE_” field, a text field where you should add for each record the name of the family of the values to be weighted (i.e. Transport network). The text included in this cells will be visible in the weighting section interface.

    2- “SUBTYPE_” field, which contains the sub-type of the values to be weighted (i.e. highways, bikelanes, rilroads, ecc). To each subtype, users can assign a different curve. The records included in this field will not be visible in the project interface but will be necessary to the project manager for defining the behaviour curves of the weigthing section.

    TIP 1! Pay attention to the name of the fields. Certain characters and words are not accepted as field name. Thus, if you want to use name as type or subtype, take care in adding some characters that change the words in something other, i.e. type_ and subtype_

    TIP 2! Remember, files to be weighte, should be set as “player”, while the grid should be set as “listener”

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    Joachim Bronder

    1. Is it allowed to use digital format type or subtype fields. For instance I would like to weight map of population. In one field there is population range classes (from to) and in the other real number of population in given grid cell.

    2. What about when one does not have real subtype fields i.e. in case of my layer main roads. There is administration type, class of roads in terms of road function, surface (material with which a road is paved). These are deferent categories. The question is, how can I determine the influence of roads in terms of road function on action plans objects?

    Elena Masala
    Elena Masala

    1. In this case, I would create a “type_” field containing in all the rows the word “population”, and a “subtype_” field containing the population range classes, so that you can decide a curve for each range class.
    Furthermore, I would associate the real number of population in given grid cell to the grid layer, cell by cell

    2. In the case you do not have subtype, you have to create a subtype field and use the same value for each record. This will make all the records of the shapefile behave in the same way. If you want to determine the influence of roads in terms of road function on action plans objects, you should know the function of the road, and compile the subtype field with relative function.

    Hope it is clear, please, let me know


    Joachim Bronder

    I will test the solution for main roads layer. Thanks

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