Chieri-Carmagnola FUA


The Metropolitan City of Turin (Piedmont Region, Italy) is divided in 11 Homogeneous Zones, each of them being represented by a “Zone SpokesMayor” at the CMTo Assembly of Mayors.  The pilot area identified for LUMAT project is represented by the Homogeneous Zone 11 “Chierese-Carmagnolese” composed of 22 Municipalities, each of them with an own Mayor and a Council.

Use of the area- The territory of the pilot area is 77,4% flat and 22.6% hilly. It has an extension about 46.500 ha, of which over 33.500 for agriculture (72,1%), 41.085 ha are characterized by forested (9%) and about 16.830 ha by permanent meadows, pastures and important natural area (3,6%). The 9.7% of the total area is occupied by urbanization and transport infrastructure.

Main problems – are:

  • compromised readability of the settlement system due to land consumption in industrial-manufacturing purposes and widespread residential;
  • brownfield sites (underutilized industrial sites or disused industrial areas);
  • landscape deterioration
  • urban expansion in the plan areas of HZ (along the main transport way), and sprawl in the hill and valley areas;
  • high values of environmental insularisation because of infrastructure and industrial presence
  • soil consumption
  • loss of biodiversity and environmental connectivity